WPS E-Learning Module

Do you want to learn more about how water-related risks link to conflict and how such conflict can be prevented or mitigated? We invite you to take the Water, Peace, and Security Partnership’s E-Learning course. The course is free, open to anyone interested, and available to complete on your own time. The modules consist of video lectures, reading materials, and online quizzes. We are currently offering two modules, but more will be added so please check back later.

1: Linking Water, Peace & Security

An introduction to the Water Peace and Security (WPS) framework as a whole as well as the interlinkages of water, peace and security. This module outlines the WPS approach and how this is tailored to suit the broader fields of water, conflict and cooperation. Start Module 1.

2: Global Early Warning Tool

An introduction to the Water, Peace, and Security Partnership’s Global Early Warning Tool, an online resource that helps identify hot spots of water-related conflict and forecasts where conflict is likely to emerge or to continue in the next 12 months. The module provides instructions on how to use the tool. Start Module 2.