Module 7: Gender, Water, Peace & Security

Module 7 looks at means for inclusive water and conflict management. Specifically, it looks at the role of gender in water, peace and security. The module is complemented by several readings on water-related conflict and gender.

  • Lesson 7A: Role of Gender in Water, Peace & Security
    Women, men, boys, girls and marginalized groups play a variety of roles when it comes to water. These gender roles are shaped by norms which vary for different contexts, situations, and identities. This means that different groups of people experience distinct impacts when it comes to water and conflict, but they can also play unique and important roles in building peace. Sophie Mulcahy (International Alert) explains how the roles, vulnerabilities, conflict risks and peace potential of different identities can help us to create more inclusive policy and programmes that meet diverse needs and foster peace.  


Gender, Water, PEace & Security (7A)


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Svenja Wolter
Climate and Peacebuilding Advisor | International Alert
Jessica Hartog
Head of Natural Resource Management and Climate Change | International Alert