About the water, peace and Security partnership

The growing water crisis poses a threat to livelihoods, ecosystems and security. In response to these threats, the Water, Peace and Security (WPS) partnership was founded in 2018 to develop innovative tools and services that help local stakeholders identify, understand and address water-related security risks. We use cutting-edge technology to increase awareness and understanding. This knowledge is used in participatory analysis, capacity building and awareness raising activities to support timely, informed and inclusive action in regions prone to water-related conflict, such as currently Mali, Iraq, Ethiopia and Kenya. We believe this action, based on regional needs, is required to prevent escalation of water-related tensions into conflict. In fact, it can even enhance collaboration among stakeholders, turning water related threats into water related opportunities for peacebuilding.

“By supporting local stakeholders, WPS aims to prevent and reduce water-related conflict and turn the vicious cycle of water challenges and instability into a virtuous one of sustainable water management and peace.”

WPS is a collaboration between the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and a consortium of six partners: Deltares, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS), IHE Delft (lead partner), International Alert, Wetlands International and World Resources Institute (WRI). Read more about Our Partners.

Intervention Areas

WPS supports stakeholders at all governance levels through an integrated approach consisting of four intervention areas:


We generate understanding about the risks of water-related security threats by using cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, remote sensing and human responses modelling. Tools such as the Global Early Warning Tool generate crucial information for policymakers that indicate both where and when risks are increasing and how they might be addressed. We also provide data, models, decision support and other tools at the regional level to support analysis, dialogue and decision-making on water-related security risks. Read more about our Global Tool or our Regional Work.


WPS facilitates informed action by decision-makers, including politicians at national and sub-national level, local communities, academia and the private sector. We work with diverse actors to strengthen their awareness and understanding of the water-related security threats they may face, and their political urgency. This information helps decision-makers to proactively and effectively address these risks.


Training and capacity development provided by WPS can support stakeholders in building coalitions and taking action to mitigate current and future threats, while averting potentially destabilising security risks in a well-informed manner. Read more about our training programmes.


The information and understanding that WPS generates is used to build partnerships and to support dialogue, water-based cooperation and conflict-sensitive interventions. This contributes to mitigating tensions, improving cooperation and paving the way for water-based peacebuilding.


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