Module 4: Bridging Socio-Hydrology

Module 4 explains the bridging of socio-hydrology in relation to water-related conflicts by looking at system analyses, water resource models, hydrological analysis, human response modelling, and policy dashboard development.

  • Lesson 4A: System Analyses: An Introduction
    At the core of the Water Peace and Security integrated approach is a participatory process. In this process information and views on the links between the water and society system are shared and analysed, supported by information and tools. Through this approach you can build an understanding of the system shared by all the different stakeholders involved. Judith Blaauw (Deltares) explains how this so-called system analysis works. 

  • Lesson 4B: Water Resources System & Hydrologic Analysis
    Water resource models provide good insights into the behavior of the water resources system under different circumstances, such as a change in water availability due to climate change. The model also simulates different measures, or sets of measures, to examine the impact of changes in the basin. Begoña Arellano Jaimerena (Deltares) provides an overview of the WPS work on the water resource system and hydrological analysis.

  • Lesson 4C: Linking Human Response Modelling & Hydrological Analysis 
    To develop effective water management and climate adaptation strategies, understanding human responses to changes in water availability is key. Frederique de Groen (Deltares) therefore explains the linking of participatory human response modelling with hydrologic analysis. 

  • Lesson 4D: How To Develop Policy Dashboards
    A policy dashboard is an interactive tool used to support planning and long-term decision-making. It visualizes complex information and processes in a user-friendly way, helping the user to understand the impact of their choices and to facilitate discussions about a certain topic. Begoña Arellano Jaimerena (Deltares) explains how policy dashboards are developed to facilitate decision-making and dialogues between different stakeholders.


System Analyses: An Introduction (4A)

Water Resources System & Hydrologic Analysis (4B)

Linking Human Response Modelling & Hydrological Analysis (4C)

How To Develop Policy Dashboards (4D)


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