In Phase 2 of our work in the WPS partnership, we will engage with key stakeholders at the global, regional and local levels. We will use the information from our data tools, analysis, training and dialogues to raise awareness and to develop a deeper understanding of the factors that influence water-related security threats and how to address these. We also aim to reach out to, exchange with, learn from and link with experts from other fields to strengthen analysis and approaches, and ultimately to build a community of expertise and practice on the subject.

Our goal is to help relevant decision-makers, including politicians, communities and the private sector, to proactively and effectively address water-related security risks. The WPS team will do this by reaching out to global 4D communities (diplomacy, defence, development and disaster response experts), along with governments and other stakeholders at national and subnational levels. Key stakeholders include governments, development banks and other international organisations, civil society and the private sector (including private investors). WPS can work with these diverse actors to enhance their awareness and understanding of the water-related security threats they may face, and of the political urgency of these risks. We can also support them in engaging in dialogue processes which can lead to inclusive and conflict-sensitive interventions that can effectively address some of the root-causes of the problems faced.

In order to raise awareness and exchange knowledge, the WPS regularly publishes blogs and articles, presents at various conferences, participates in various fora, and can contribute to training workshops and expert meetings through its expert speakers. See the News page for additional information.